Still and Still Moving pictures

Still & Still Moving Pictures

Branding & Identity Design

Still and Still Moving Pictures is a newly launched Production House that makes the most heart warming films for clients like Amul.

Our brief was to take a non-conventional route for the branding. The founders were inspired by an excerpt in a T.S. Elliot poem after which they named their company. We were absolutely thrilled and worked on the branding with no limitations in terms of medium or strategy – A dream brief from some very sweet clients.


The Thought

The rocking horse can be said to symbolize childhood. Only a young child, so playful and curious would jump onto one of these and spend their time imagining the road ahead. We’ve imagined a more mature rocking horse, one that is representative of the imaginative and serendipitous ideas that will come out of the studio.

Meanwhile at the stable...

We had a great time setting the horses free!

Our biggest challenge was teaching our clients how to use Pinterest. Being fabulous film makers usually doesn’t mean you have great pinning skills. After a heated session over home brewed coffee, we managed to get them to swear by Pinterest. We believe they now use it to create mood-boards for their films and are also very happy with their new stationery :)

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