Identity/ UI Design/ UX

We’ve been working with Nykaa as their creative partner for almost a year. We’ve enjoyed the journey with them as it’s the typical case of a start-up scaling slowly at first and then at a rapid pace – and all of a sudden!

When they approached us, they already had a logo and an entire website. The first project we did with them – was their Android app. However, we were soon able to convince them to allow us to give their logo a go. For us, this was a pretty big challenge as there are now so many e-commerce in the same space – we had to help them not just look different – but feel different.

We had multiple sessions with the teams on the right approach for the brand and we’re quite happy that the branding is now in sync with their overall strategy and game-plan.

iOS Interface

We designed the iOS app a while back – this is very much in development and should hit the app store soon. The iOS app was really exciting to work on as we were involved in both the UX and UI phase of the project. We’re hoping to go live with this really soon!

Android Interface

The Android app was a bit of a challenge. We worked on it when Nykaa was still finding their way – from a brand standpoint. We tried our level best to create consistencies and brand recall even though at that point we had no assets to work off.

We’re very excited about our relationship with Nykaa. We’re now working on some pretty interesting packaging projects with them. Adwaita, the COO, is an extremely open minded client and we feel that it’s so important for companies scaling up to have the ability to think outside of current limitations like she does. We can’t wait for the product range to launch!

Nykaa-Testimonial-Thought Over Design

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