Nykaa Bath and Body

Affordable high end bath and body products for the new age cosmopolitan Indian Woman.

With these products Nykaa wants to become a part of this Woman’s daily routine. But Nykaa is no cliche, we engage with our users on a day to day basis- We know their aspirations and what makes them happy. We know that these women are much more than the products they buy. We also know their insecurities, their flaws and we celebrate and accept them without judgement. Through our range of products, we want to address the Indian woman – the one that has a crazy morning schedule – followed by a long day at the office and still makes the effort to look fabulous through it all. We celebrated the women who dared to dream big and carved out interesting paths for the generations of women to come after them.


Some components / images  used for the creatives presented to the client are for representation only and have been sourced from the internet.

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