Indian Express

UI Design/ UX


We have been working with The Indian Express for over a year. We have worked with them towards rejigging their approach on their mobile apps. We have worked with them on their iOS apps and continue to iterate on the base product as we go along. We recommend downloading the iPhone app to get the whole experience!


The iPad app is still in development! We’ve created the exact same experience for users across iOS apps.



Our goal was to create an extremely clean UI for the story page, as this is where the serious Express reader will spend most of his time consuming content.


We wanted to create a more visual exciting way to make pure editorial content shareable. This has been the most loved feature of the new app amongst all users.


A special thanks to Anant Goenka for having faith in us for pulling this off. The truth is – this project was one of our first UX / UI attempts. We’re very happy with the final outcome and are grateful to Anant for letting us run wild.

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