Hippily is a curation based app that helps users discover, share and purchase their favourite products. With their exciting idea, Hippily approached us with a bold, young, fun brand to work on with substantial creative freedom to explore various visual routes. We experimented with custom wordmarks, tons of iconography and symbols to give Hippily the transformation it needed. To create a neutral look for the brand that could fit the various categories offered on the Hippily app, we came to a clean and simple logo that was modern, chic, scalable and most importantly dynamic.

We are currently working on creating a new and exciting user experience for the brand on mobile. Stay tuned for more updates!



Some of the key words are: BOLD YOUNG POP 

Using a custom typeface, we have created a memorable wordmark for Hippily. The idea here is to make the “hip” memorable.

Similar to pinterest, where you ‘Pin it’, we could make ‘Hip’ a useable term -

“That’s hip!” – “It’s hip!” – “She’s hip!” – “What’s hip?”


Some of the key words are: ICONIC COOL BRIGHT

Taking from the old Hippily logo, we have tried to retain the essence while creating a new avatar with an iconic ‘H’.

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