UI/ UX Design

Flipkart is India’s leading e-commerce marketplace with over 20+ million products across 70+ categories. It has been ranked amongst the 10 most popular websites in the country.

We were fortunate enough to be part of a pretty exciting brand refresh that is currently slowly unfolding across all platforms the product is present on. We were just a tiny part of a large team working towards building a more consistent, approachable and friendly Flipkart.

Our challenge was to work alongside the internal brand team as well as the web and mobile team to create a much cleaner interface for the product. We worked off existing  frameworks and experiences the brand had already developed and built on top of that.

From typography, to grids, to colors and even page layouts – we streamlined some key components of the product and created a style guide or a toolkit for the internal team to take forward and adapt.

Flipkart is seen across platforms and touch-points. Retina display or not, the Flipkart experience should be consistent. For that, the colours, fonts and icons are tweaked to suit the environment. The Flip blue is consistent and on the top header, whatever the platform, while yellow calls out attention for notifications and hovers. But, it’s used subtly wherever needed. With Flipkart, greys are the new blacks, never a 100% black. The greys are used for shades and shadows. Remember, while you use colours, use white when you want to show space, for the products and logos. Everyone needs their space to stand out, after all.

We’re super stoked that our Splash Screen design is now live across over the mobile devices of so many people that launch the app every day!

Our experience with the team gave us insight on how large products teams work together and how we as external consultants and designers need to often understand the internal limitations of the product and brand. The excitement sits in the thin sliver of space where the creativity happens between product teams, marketing teams, founders and brand teams – and it’s all very technical and scientific! This project allowed us to grow and learn our UI design capabilities and we’ve come out of it extremely aware of the difference a single pixel makes in the larger scheme of things!

In collaboration with Umbrella Design.

A special thanks (and hug) to Binit Vasa and Ameya Kulkarni for being a splendid team.

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