Dr. Agarwal’s Eyecare

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital is a name synonymous with eye-care in Chennai. In the 60 years since it’s founding, Dr. Agarwal’s have set up over 65 hospitals in diverse locations across the globe. They have the best doctors, the best equipment, are willing to try new techniques and their compassion to serve is unbelievable. Dr. Agarwal’s is a truly global company, but they weren’t perceived as one. In our conversations with them, it was pretty clear that we had to help them correct that perception. It was time to change their website.


A company stands to become a great company if they can:

Convince Customers to visit them repeatedly

When we visited them in Chennai, we learnt first hand that patients loved and trusted Dr. Agarwal’s. The medical team comprised of renowned doctors who had many innovations to their name. We met people whose fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers had been to Dr. Agarwal’s. Clearly the hospital experience was stellar. Yet, someone unfamiliar with their accomplishments wasn’t sure if they were the right choice.

Recruit talented and compassionate people who believe in their vision

Dr. Agarwal’s has a strong company culture. The employees are driven and empathetic towards the patients and their colleagues. Everything they do is in service to their patients. The company recruits from the best of medical and business schools in the country. All of whom go through a comprehensive orientation program to inculcate compassion for the people they serve. Finding the right people is a strong competitive advantage.

Forge partnerships with their contemporaries who buy in to their philosophy

To provide better eye-care for the world, Dr. Agarwal’s collaborates and forms strategic mergers with other eye hospitals that are carefully vetted for cultural fit.

Move the industry forward

India faces a lack of quality ophthalmologists and ocular surgeons. To provide for the future, Dr. Agarwal’s set up a teaching school. Universities often don’t provide the right information to look for, and picking between courses is difficult and intimidating. We intended to simplify this.

Keeping the above in mind, we determined a set of principles for each stakeholder.

Dr. Agarwal’s has a rich legacy and a wealth of experience to call on. Now led by the founder’s grandsons, they’ve added the ambition and exuberance of youth. It was a pleasure working with Dr. Anosh Agarwal. He is extremely open to ideas, very aware of his environment and is always looking to the future. Couldn’t really ask for more.

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