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UI Design/ UX is one of India’s leading e-commerce company and one of the most visible online brands since its inception in October 2008. CaratLane was started with a mission to change the way diamonds and diamond jewellery is bought in India. In 4 short years, this vision is well on its way to being realized.

Designing a web experience for Caratlane was insightful as the challenge was to translate a retail experience that customers are used to onto a web platform. We learnt along the way about buying patterns throughout India, regional jewellery preferences and a whole lot about diamond-making itself!

The product lead at Caratlane gave us extremely precise briefs that were a result of highly monitored A-B testing. This gave us an extremely clear brief most of the time and the intent of the re-design was also very goal oriented.

The obvious side effect of a project of this nature is that you learn a lot about jewellery, diamonds and stones. Our team went from knowing almost nothing – to knowing the ins and outs of how one buys a diamond and what the factors are that impact their buying behaviour.

Our Approach

Desktop Interface

Tablet Interface

Mobile Interface

This project allowed us to think in focused environments of very specific briefs. As designers, we tend to want to fix alot of ‘macro’ design consistencies – but the interesting bit of working with e-products that are scaling so fast is that understanding the need of the hour comes first. Everything is target and goal oriented and so it is important for designers like us – to understand the pulse of the business and literally act as an extension to the inhouse team to be successful in our iteration and recommendations.

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